About Us

Pembroke Place Chocolate is for anyone desiring a wonderful treat as well as the connoisseur who can detect every flavor note. Each truffle is artfully crafted in small batches using only the highest quality and freshest ingredients. Reflected in our final product one can taste the meticulous attention to detail that is essential in crafting exceptional truffles.

We use only high quality couverture Valrhona, Callebaut, and Cocoa Berry chocolate to produce outstanding flavors.  Each handcrafted piece contains imported butter, the richest cream, and the freshest natural ingredients.  We are best known for our smokey salted caramel truffle.  If you like coffee, our coffee truffle is the best you'll find.

"I've always had a passion for baking. I started making cakes with my mom when I needed a stool to see over the counter top. Through the years I gravitated through desserts to just chocolates. Continually wanting to improve my product, I studied under the winner of "Top Chef Just Desserts" and later attended the Chicago Chocolate Academy where I immensely enhanced my technique, taking the excellent opportunity this world class teaching facility gave me to strengthen my passion and desire for perfection. Soon after, I worked in Las Vegas with a highly respected confectioner and later moved on to hone my craft in Vancouver with a large chocolate company. I've consulted with the largest confectionery company in the Northwest and became a member of the Fine Chocolate Industry Association allowing me to remain current with the latest trends, decorating techniques, and flavor profiles. The highest degree of craftsmanship in pastry and chocolate in France is awarded every 4 years and called the M.O.F.  I studied under Stephane Treand who is one of only 4 MOFs in America. Making beautiful and delicious truffles continues to truly be my passion."

Frank Foster, Chocolatier & Founder

People who buy Pembroke Place Chocolate are lovers of fine chocolate. They buy for themselves, their loved ones or anyone with whom they wish to share happiness. Our box sets are perfect for businesses to gift to staff and their clients. We also offer small 2 pack as a party favor for weddings and special events. Our online chocolate boutique consists of 24 phenomenal flavors for your enjoyment.

Taste the difference quality and care make.